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Ethiopian Tomato salad Timita salata recipe – How To Cook Great

August 16, 2012 in General recipes This slide show details how to cook ethiopian tomato salad timid salata This and many Ethiopian recipes can found on youtube and on our website. With onions green chilli and jalapeno just add olive oil and lemon juice.

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Ethiopian ASSA TIBS Ye Asa fried whole fish tilapia recipe how to cook great

August 15, 2012 in Fish recipes Fried Fish – Asa Tibs. I am using tilapia for this recipe but you can use what ever you wish. You can even use fillets if you want. A very simple dish to make. I am adding a little berbere to mine but this you do not have to do. It adds a little spice that i like. You will need flour, salt and pepper, oil and of course fish. Also have a look at our other videos for more different fish dishes and more things Ethiopian.

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