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September 4, 2012 in General recipes

Kussa or Dolma For Printable Ingredients Visit (Stuffed vegetables with rice and ground beef) This is an excellent meal, which has so much flavor and truly is delicious. Its not that difficult to make, depending how many servings you are making. This is a traditional middle eastern Dolma recipe. You can stuff just about any vegetable including coring out large firm tomatoes and putting the filling inside and cooking the same way as well. Hope you try it, and let us know your comments. More videos to come, please dont forget to subscribe!

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Maqlooba (مقلوبة)

August 22, 2012 in General recipes

A wonderful “sandcastle of food”, this Middle-Eastern dish of rice, chicken and vegetables is brilliant for dinner parties. See Titli cook upside-down!!! Recipe at

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Arabic Food easy Recipe Chicken Maqlooba مقلوبة بالدجاج

August 17, 2012 in General recipes

this is a Palestinian Arabic dish famous in the Arab world, very tasty, worth trying. called Maqlooba which mean upside down or maybe flipped! because once the it is done cooking u flip the whole cooking pan upside down.. dont know why else they named it this way,, there are other versions of cooking it, this is my version I will be sharing more videos on the other versions of the Maqlooba in the future, which they may include lamb, or beef instead of chicken and use other vegies or add other veggies or less. hope you like it and actually try it, for the salad recipe, it is on my page, I have responded to this video with that video, so the link to it is below the video. For those who love or like the song its called Kelma by Ramy Sabry. here’s the link to the music video: Enjoy! rate, comment, and subscribe!! مقادير المقلوبة بالدجاج: دجاجة واحدة مقطعة 3 حبات بطاطا 1 حبة باذنجان كبيرة 1 حبة زهرة (كمية الخضار حسب الرغبة) 1 معلقة كبيرة سمنة أو زبدة أو زيت زيت للقلي 5 أو 6 كوباية رز بسمتي 1 بصلة البهارات: ملح/ فلفل حسب الذوق 1/2 معلقة صغيرة قرفة 1 معلقة صغيرة كزبرة مطحونة 1/4 معلقة صغيرة هال مطحون 1 معلقة صغيرة سبع بهار أو بهار مشكل 1 معلقة صغيرة كمون 1 معلقة صغيرة كركم الطريقة: بتقلي البصل بالسمنة/زبدة/ زيت حسب انتي شو بتحبي بس يدبل البصل ضيفي قطع الدجاج ضيفي البهارات إلا الكركم حركي الدجاج مع البهارات و البصل كم من دقيقة عشان ياخدوا طعم ضيفي 5 أكواب ماء (المفضل ساخن) أو لحتى ما تغمري الدجاج غطي الطنجرة و خلي الجاج يسلق لمدة 45 دقيقة أو لحد ما يطوي الجاج 3/4

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Sardine Pasta – as cooked by Palermito Sicilians.

August 8, 2012 in General recipes

An amazing pasta recipe from BBC2′s Sicily Unpacked, broadcast 6th Jan 2012.

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Okra Recipe – How to Cook Assyrian Iraqi Lamb Bamieh with Rice PART 1/2

August 6, 2012 in General recipes

This is an authentic Assyrian Dish using okra, lamb and garlic in a rich tomato sauce, but found all over Middle Eastern cooking with slight variations. Easy to create and served with rice. Enjoy! Join me on Facebook:

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THE BEST Tabouleh made easy step by step recipe.

July 30, 2012 in General recipes

All Natural Popular Vegeterian recipe. Tabbouleh (also Tabouleh or Tabouli) For Printable Ingredients Visit is an Arabic salad dish.Step By Step On How To Make a Great Tabouli Recipe (Tabouleh Salad Recipe) Very healthy and delicious salad that you will love to make again and again. You can eat this salad with just about any recipe, its a great side dish, and it can even be put into a pita pocket for a nice snack. Or serve it with Pita Chips. For This Tabouli Salad Recipe and Other Great Mediterranean Food Recipes Go To

Arabic Salad Recipe

July 28, 2012 in General recipes

This is an arabic recipe video – a very popular Palestinian Dish . hope you like it. Grazie a DJ Jacobo Hijazin for the music ;P

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