Char-Griller Kamado Kooker (Akorn) Grill/Smoker Review Part 4

August 26, 2012 in General recipes

Check out our new forum at if you get a chance! Ok… so today I decided to use the Char-Griller Kamado, or Akorn as they would prefer it be called, to cook a 5.5 pound chicken. After the low and slow cook of the boston butt, I figured a nice mid-range temp cook would be a good follow-up for showing the capabilities of this cooker. Making a grill behave like a regular kitchen oven is very useful when you want to cook something like a chicken or turkey without burning the outside and under cooking the inside. No one likes under cooked chicken! I chose to work at the 375° temperature mark for this cook because in my past experience, that is about the minimum temperature you can cook a chicken and not have rubbery skin. The Kamado held up very well at this temp. I also, as shown in this video, sealed up some of the air leak areas with some high temp RTV Silicone. The additional air sealing significantly decreased the grill cool-down time from 4 hours 15 mins to about 2 hours 30 mins… Copyright Info All video in this production, including intro and exit clips was created by John Setzler / Man Cave Meals. Any music appearing in these videos, whether it be intro, exit, or background music, was created from the royalty free tracks “Blues To Go” or “Cold Metal” included with the Sonicfire Pro 5 plugin ( for Adobe Premiere Elements version 8 and version 10 software.

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